Scan 80

Before buying a wood-burning stove

For most of us, a wood-burning stove is a big investment that we want to last for many years. It is therefore important to check out the conditions in your home before deciding.


If your home does not have a chimney, ask the dealer about the possibility of getting a chimney to suit your home. If you already have a chimney, it is important to get it checked to make sure it is in a usable condition.


The authorised Scan dealer will be happy to help you with the installation. We fully recommend that you follow the dealer's advice. If you want to do the installation yourself, you should make sure you can do it safely and according to the applicable regulations.


It is important to get a stove that is proportioned for the area it has to heat. A stove that is too big, can be just as much of a problem as one that is too small.


Take note of the applicable regulations regarding clearances to combustible materials and the correct floor covering. The authorised Scan dealer will be happy to advise you on the regulations.


A wood-burning stove must be safe to use, easy to operate, and protect the environment.

The more standards a stove meets, the better it satisfies these criteria. It is therefore a good idea, if the stove does not just meet the national standards and requirements.


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