Large yellow fireplace near the middle wall which separate kitchen from living room

Interior trends in 2022

The trends for 2022 and the years ahead say something about our need for both optimism and security in this day and age. And we are seeing, at last, that the phrase “anything goes” is actually true, especially when it comes to colours. However, there are two distinct parallel trends.

Parallel trends – cheerful colours or warm natural tones

On the one hand, we are embracing all kinds of colours. We are hoping for a better world, we need to have hope and faith in the future. We want to play and surround ourselves with colours that make us happy, and we are daring more and more to challenge our notions of colour. 

On the other hand, a lot of people prefer to withdraw into their own cocoon when the world seems to be spinning out of control. We want to come home to a warm, safe haven, preferably in the soothing natural shades that we associate with Danish and Scandinavian interior design style

We have received enough unpleasant surprises over the past few years and now we just want to be allowed to live a harmonious, predictable life, and there is not much that feels more certain and secure than nature’s own palette. This is where a beautiful Danish fireplace or wood burner comes into its own, adding warmth on multiple levels to homes decorated in contemporary, Scandinavian style.

The Scan 84 range is available in two height options and the wooden handle comes in a choice of four colours, to blend beautifully with the natural Scandinavian colour palette

Combinations of colours

Now it’s cool to master good combinations of colours! After decades of white and grey, we have become more confident, experienced and bold in our choices, navigating more easily towards bright, lively palettes. A lot of us are looking for unusual, slightly quirky colour combinations, which together with an eclectic interior really give us the personalised, relaxed homes we want.

Trend Color Block Square

In particular, we want to see more colour blocking, which means mixing several bright colours in one room or adjacent rooms. Colour blocking has been trending in the fashion world for a long time and we can see it in bold contrasts in our homes on trim and moulding, ceilings, furniture and small objects. Pastels continue to feature in our colour combinations. 

Did you know that our fireplaces can be painted immediately after installation? You can paint your fireplace in a colour that contrasts or harmonises with the rest of the room. The Scan 5006 S fireplace has clean lines and an adaptable design that make it ideal for this trend. It looks fantastic in both modern style and classic interiors where it spreads warmth and creates an inviting ambience.

Colour blocking does not have to mean bright colours – you can choose soft, subtle tones too.
The fireplace is built in situ with the Scan 5004 FRL insert

Surround yourself with colours you like

It is no longer the case that one particular colour or shade spreads like a plague through all creators and designers and eventually ends up with the rest of us. We’ve seen yellow on top of the podium for the past couple of years, but in 2022 we are painting in colours that we like and we want a much greater variety to choose from. It is no longer as relevant to ask which colour is the most popular right now.

In 2022, it’s all about colours that make you feel good. Forget about being on-trend. The trend is to go with what you love, fill your rooms with colours that reflect your personal style and uplift you every time you enter them., Home design magazine
Wood stove Scan 83-6 with soapstone in living room with brown wall and large green plant

Wood burners with finesse  clad in natural stone

In keeping with natural, Scandinavian style, we want the design of the wood burner or fireplace to be as minimalist as possible. It should be pared-down and elegant and subtly elevate the room, like a sophisticated designer handbag. Fireplace inserts clad in natural stone are no longer exclusive to the seventies. Cladding comes in many varieties today, including the trendy material travertine, marble in many colour variations and soapstone. Soapstone has natural heat-retaining properties too and is perfectly suited for wood burners from Scan.

On the subject of natural; what’s most important in 2022 and every year thereafter, of course, is environmental awareness. When you choose a fireplace from Scan, you are getting a product that has been tested in accordance with some of the most stringent criteria for emissions, and then when you use it correctly and responsibly to heat your home you are helping make a difference to our global environment. 

Colours team with colours

Many people find that the white surfaces simply become ugly and hard when we bring in lots of colourful surfaces. Contrary to what you might think, when you decorate with a lot of colour you are able to use even more colours together. Colours suit colours. In 2022 we’ll be getting rid of as much white as possible. We’ll be painting ceilings, trim and moulding in other shades. Just remember this doesn’t mean going crazy. Rather than large, white surfaces, choose sophisticated, understated palettes to provide a striking contrast. 

How about tiles or microcement cladding for your fireplace? You can be as creative as you like. Speak to your dealer about which materials you could choose to get the fireplace of your dreams

Photos: Mint Agency, Homeowner: Oda Weider-Krog, Design: Koi Fargestudio

Go big or go home – fireplace as a room divider

Fireplace as a room divider? A really big fireplace works well for both these trends. But since a big fireplace generates a lot of heat, it is important to have a proportionally large room. Leave the fireplace surround white and attractive, as it is here, clad it with tiles or paint it a colour that matches the rest of the room.

The Scan 5005 fireplace insert with a self-closing guillotine door makes the perfect room divider - and is a large fireplace that produces plenty of wonderful heat.

The choice is ultimately yours. Your home is your sanctuary where you can recharge your batteries and be the real you. Relax in front of the fireplace and gaze into the flames so you feel rested and ready for the busy schedule of daily life. Let your home reflect your personality. Surround yourself with colours and furniture that create a harmonious space for you. You’ll find your new fireplace or wood burner here.