Wood stack

How to obtain dry wood

It is important that the wood is dry, before using it in the stove. The drier the wood, the better it burns.

If you are intending to chop up the wood yourself, you should do it early in the spring. You can then cut the wood up into short lengths before you split it and stack it outside over the summer. A lot of water will come out of the wood, so remember to store it in a sunny place with plenty of ventilation.

To check whether the wood is dry enough, you can bang the logs together and listen out for a “singing” sound. If you put a wooden log in a tight plastic bag in a warm room, moisture will appear on the inside of the bag if the wood is too damp. In actual fact, the easiest way to identify whether the wood is dry is by the noticeable cracks in it. 

Use the correct wood in the stove

Rowan, beech, oak, ash, maple and birch are regarded as the best types of wood for an open fire. But many people also prefer conifers because of the crackling sound they make, but these types of tree produce sparks, which can cause a fire hazard.