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Scan Warranty

All wood-fired Scan products are made of high-quality materials and subject to strict quality controls before leaving the factory. We give a warranty on manufacturing errors or defects.

You must quote your stove‘s product registration number when you contact us or your authorized Scan dealer with a warranty claim.

The warranty covers all parts which in the opinion of Scan A/S require repair or replacement due to manufacturing or construction error.

The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the product only, and is not transferable (except on prior sale). The warranty covers only damage caused by manufacturing or construction errors.

Product registration number

All Scan wood-burning stoves are fitted with a type plate that specifies the approval standards and the distance to flammable
materials. The type plate is located at the rear of the stove.

All Scan wood-burning stoves are provided with a product registration number. The product registration number is located at type plate. You will always need to quote this number when contacting your dealer or Scan A/S.

Scan with Zensoric Warranty

Scan warrants that the electronic components in Scan wood stoves are free from defects in materials or manufacturing for a period of two (2) years from the date of purchase.

The following parts are not covered by the warranty

  • Wear and tear parts, such as the combustion chamber liners, baffle plates, riddling grate, glass, and seals (except for defects which were present on delivery)
  • Defects caused by external chemical and physical influences during transportation, storage and assembly, or at a later time.
  • Soot build-up caused by poor chimney draught, damp wood, or improper use
  • Costs of additional heating in connection with a repair
  • Transport costs
  • Costs for setting up, removing the wood stove

This warranty is void

  • In case of incorrect installation (the installer is responsible for observing and complying with legal requirements and local bylaws, along with the Instructions manual for the wood-burning stove and accessories)
  • In case of improper use, and/or use of prohibited fuels, non-original spares (see the instructions manual)
  • If the product registration number of the stove has been removed or damaged
  • In case of repairs that do not comply with our instructions or instructions by an authorized Scan dealer
  • In case of any manipulation of the original state of this Scan product or its accessories
  • This warranty is only valid in the country to which this Scan product was originally supplied

Always use original replacement parts, or parts recommended by the manufacturer.

To register a complaint, you must contact the retailer where you bought the product, and they will help you further.