User manual and spare parts for discontinued Scan fireplaces

I need an instruction manual for my old Scan wood stove!
Many of Scans older models are still in use in many homes across the globe. If you have an old Scan product that we stopped manufacturing more than 10 years ago, you can find it in this list of discontinued Scan products.

How old is my stove?

If you’re wondering how old your Scan stove is, or what model it is, you can look for the type approval plate that will tell you what model it is.

If your wood stove, fireplace, or fireplace insert is less than 10 years old, you can find information and documentation for it on our documentation site.

If your fireplace is of older date, you can find it in one of the lists below. If you are still in doubt, you can take some photos of it and bring them, or e-mail them, to your nearest Scan dealer and they can help you further.

User manual for older Scan stoves and fireplaces

Discontinued Scan wood burning stoves, fireplaces and fireplace inserts

If you have an older wood burner that we stopped manufacturing more than 10 years ago, you can find the user manual in the list of discontinued Scan products. Your dealer will then be the place to contact for replacement parts and help regarding these products.

I need a user manual for my new Scan wood stove

Do you have a newer stove, insert or fireplace from Scan an need to see the manual?

Have a look on our page for product documentation. You will find Scans new, and also products discontinued in the recent years.

Do you need help with your Scan stove?

I need replacement parts for my wood stove or fireplace

If you are missing parts or spare parts have been worn down or destroyed, our skilled network of dealers can help you find and order the right parts for your fireplace.

My wood stove or fireplace is broken and needs service

Our dealers are experts in fireplaces, they are always there to help you with any issues you may have with your wood stove, insert, fireplace or chimney.

My stove doesn’t heat very well anymore.

If there are changes in the heat output of your fireplace, the first thing you should investigate is whether the chimney and flue pipe are clean. Another reason could be changes in the weather and your chimney being cold, and it may just need a bit longer to heat up while you’re burning wood. If you want to learn more about how to burn wood, we have lots of tips to help you.

Fitter screwing on a wood-burning stove with a screwdriver

If your wood stove or fireplace is of an older age, it might need an inspection from one of our dealers who can easily help with all your problems linked to burning or wood. Contact your nearest store using the dealer locator.