Black wood-burning stove Scan 84 with black glass door In a modern Nordic living room with brown sofa and light gray chair

Scan 84 series - Heat with a personal touch

The Scan 84 series has clean lines and an almost architectural design - playful, yet discreet.

The series consists of 4 models, where the variations are in the choice between two different heights and a door in exquisite black glass or steel surface. 

With "My Scan" you can add smart and decorative accessories to your own taste. It gives you the freedom to create interior details that can decorate your home for many years, or change it to your current interior style.

Scan 84 Modern


Scan 84 Modern has a black glass door and modern clean lines.

  • Architectural design
  • Elegant door in exquisite black glass with Soft-close function
  • The "My Scan" concept offers different tops and door handles

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Bright room with Scan 84 Modern black wood-burning stove with open door that closes quietly with soft-close function

Closes almost without a sound


The soft-close system ensures that the door closes soft and quietly with just a small push.

Scan 84 Classic Maxi


Scan 84 Classic Maxi is tall and elegant with a black glass door. This stove is available in black or gray paint.

  • Soft-close function
  • Rough and beautiful at the same time
  • The "My Scan" concept offers different tops and door handles

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"My Scan"

Personalization with beautiful accessories

Have you ever thought about how many times you add wood to the fire during a cold winter season? It is quite a few, and it is well worth spending a little extra time on the details. With well-functioning accessories you can personalize the wood stove and at the same time create a little everyday luxury. Here are the possibilities this stove series has to offer.

Oak handle in beautiful color tones


The solid oak handle follows the clean design of the stove perfectly and ensures that the temperature is always kept cool.

Originally the stove comes with a black handle, but you can change what color suits your home better.
You can choose from three different color tones;

  • Light "pure natural" which gives a whitewashed oak tone
  • Golden oak that is like a honey-colored tinted oak
  • Mocca that gives a warm dark brown tone to the oak
Black fireplace Scan 84 with optional black glass top

Decorative black glass


A decorative glass plate on top of the stove combines the rough steel in a beautiful way with inviting and elegant black glass.

Black fireplace Scan 84 with optional soapstone top

Heat-retaining soapstone


Soapstone absorbs heat when the stove is lit and slowly releases the heat back to the room as comfortable radiant heat after the fire has burned out. In this way, a heat-storing soapstone top can help you utilize the heat even further.

Technical drawing with arrows showing where the heat goes with Scan heat storage

Scan Heat Storage system


Heat retaining stones provides heat for up to 12 hours of extra heat. With the hidden heat storage system mounted in the top chamber of the Maxi variants, the stove retains heat long after the fire has gone out. When you light the fire open the top valve to quickly release hot air into the room, and when the room reaches a comfortable temperature, you can close the top valve and store the heat in the heat storage system.

Scan 84 black fireplace with glass door with possibility of rotating base, in bright nordic living room

Rotating base


With a top-mounted chimney, the Scan 84 can be mounted on a rotating base, so you can rotate the stove and enjoy the fire from your favorite spot in the room.

Black wood-burning stove Scan 84 with black glass door stands on a floor in a herringbone pattern

Good draft with fresh air connection


Wood-burning stoves with closed combustion fetch outside air via a separate ventilation duct through the wall, or through the floor from the basement. New ventilated chimneys solve this directly by drawing utside air through a duct integrated in the chimney.

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