White fireplace Scan 5006-S in a white living room with dark floor and light furniture

Scan 5006 - a fireplace with angled heat

Scan 5006-S is a tall and slim surround created for the insert Scan 5006. Despite its small footprint the L-shaped glass of the fireplace insert provides great view of the fire from several angles. With its clean lines and adaptable design, the fireplace blends into both trendy and classic interiors and adds warmth and atmosphere.

Scan 5006-S

This is a complete fireplace consisting of the Scan 5006-S frame and the Scan 5006 fireplace insert. Together, they form a beautiful fireplace that takes up little floor space and in addition serves a beautiful view to the flame.


  • Clean lines
  • Both radiant and convection heat
  • L-shaped view of the flames

Fireplace that provides both radiant and convection heat

This fireplace warms you with both radiant heat from the fireplace glass and convection heat.

Radiant heat is simply the transfer of heat from a warm element to colder areas in a room. Radiant fireplaces heat things and surfaces in the room, which in turn radiate faintly to the surroundings. This provides a very comfortable and even heat from floor to ceiling, and floors and furniture surfaces are experienced as warm to the touch.

Convection heat is defined by the fireplace drawing cold air in at the base, heating it and then releasing it at the top. The cold air that is released accumulates under the roof, where it is gradually pressed down in a warm "layer".

Add some colour - paint the fireplace!

It is not a matter of course that a fireplace surround should be white. The interior magazines tell us that it is trendy to paint the it in exactly the colour you want. Some paint the it dark so that the fire can shine in peace, while others paint it in the same colour as the wall behind, or a tone-on-tone colour that complements the whole.

The fireplace surround is made of a light material that makes it quick and easy to install, and the surface can be painted in the desired colour immediately after installation. (Contact your local paint dealer for guidance to paint products).

Scan 5006 as a built-in in the wall

A fireplace insert is a complete combustion chamber with a door, which can be installed in existing fireplaces or pits, or walled in to a fireplace surround of your own (or your dealers) design. Some of the fireplace inserts from Scan also have custom fireplace frames made of light material, which are both beautiful and easy to assemble and install. Read more about Scan 5006 specially designed fireplace surround here, or in the section above.

Scan 5006 fireplace insert

Not all livingrooms have room for a large fireplace, and this is where the fireplace insert Scan 5006 shines, both literally and figuratively. The insert is compact, versatile and also suitable for rooms with less heating needs and gives you a 180 degree view of the beautiful flames. You get it with glass on the front and either the right or left side Scan 5006 FL


  • Versatile fireplace insert
  • Angled glass
  • Easy air control with just one lever

Scan 5007 fireplace insert

This is the bigger "brother" of the Scan 5006, with angled glass. The Scan 5007 fireplace insert has a wider glass front, which gives a fantastic view of the fire. You choose whether you want glass on the front and right, or front and left side.

  • Versatile fireplace insert
  • Angled glass
  • Easy air control with just one lever

Extra heat storage

You can also choose to install extra heat-storing stones on top of both fireplace inserts. These are hidden in the top chamber and provide extra heat for up to 12 hours after the last log has been placed.

Black fireplace insert with glass on the front and right side with white fireplace frame

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