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FAQ - Frequently asked questions

We give you the answers to our most frequent asked questions.

Is there a guarantee on Scan's products?

Our approvals are your guarantee that your wood-burning stove has been thoroughly tested and checked. All products are tested in terms of safety and function.
We therefore give a 5-year (excluding wearing parts) right to claim. The authorised Scan dealers are available with further technical information regarding installation, service etc.


What is Distance to combustible materials?

When a stove is tested, we measure a minimum distance to combustible materials. This distance differs from stove model to stove model, and you can find the specific distances in the instructions for installation. However, you should always check against national requirements.


What are the advantages of convection and soap stone?

A wood-burning stove with convection ensures you a good air circulation around the stove and with that a better distribution of the heat in the whole room. Soap stone accumulates the heat and ensures you a constant, long-lasting heat, even after the fire has gone out.


What should I be aware of when installing a wood-burning stove?

As the house owner you are responsible for ensuring that installation and fitting are carried out in accordance with national and local building regulations as well as the information provided in the assembly- and instructions manual.
The installation of a new fireplace must be registered with the local chimney sweep and/or building authorities (always respect the national rules in your country).
We recommend that the installation is performed by an authorised Scan fitter to ensure optimum function and safety of the installation.


What chimney should I use?

You can connect the stove either to a brick chimney or to a steel chimney. You can see the required chimney dimension and chimney draught for each model in the instructions for installation and use.


How many square metres can a wood-burning stove heat up?

Wood-burning stoves are tested for a specific kW-performance. 1 kW can heat 10-20 square metres in normally insulated houses. All wood-burning stoves operate perfectly in a range above/below the tested performance. The kW-rangel is specific for each stove model and can be seen under Products -> Technical data.


Why is flooring important?

A wood-burning stove placed on a combustible floor, must always be equipped with a surrounding underlay of non-combustible material (steel, slate, glass or tiles). It is very important to ensure that the underlay fulfills all demands concerning insulation and dimensions. Your local dealer can help you finding the correct underlay.


Where can I see the models?

All our wood-burning stoves are sold at authorised dealers. Here you can see the different models and get all information about products and prices.


What is Nominal performance?

The nominal performance is used for heating calculations. The nominal performance is the average heat output (see registration plate) that you obtain when you follow the advice given in the stove's manual.


How many stove models are there?

We have a number of product families that you can find under Products. A number of these are available with different mouldings, lateral coverings and bases, and with or without side windows. This allows you to compose your own personal stove just for your home.